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Quick Bites

Cheese Potato Pops [10 Pcs] 125/-
Tiny Portion [6 Pcs] 80/-
Crispy Potato with melting cheese and delicious dips.

Chilly Garlic Potato Pops [17 Pcs] 68/-
Tiny Portion [10 Pcs] 47/-
Crispy Potato with Chilly Garlic flavor and delicious dips.

Veggi Nuggets [7 Pcs] 94/-
Tiny Portion [4 Pcs] 63/-
Delicious crispy nuggets with dip sauce

Kohiten Veggi Platter 194/-
Tiny Portion 115/-

Combination of Crispy Veggi Pops and nuggets

French Fries [Regular] 66/-
Tiny Portion 45/-

Kohiten Crazy Fries [Regular] 80/-
Tiny Portion 50/-
Fries with enhanced Crazy flavors

Kohiten Cheese Crazy Fries [Regular] 99/-
Tiny Portion 62/-
Crazy Flavors with melting Cheese Taste

 Kohiten Chicken Nuggets [7 Pcs] 135/-
Tiny Portion [4 Pcs] 82/-
Crispy fried Chicken nuggets with delicious dips

 Kohiten Chicken Pops [20 Pcs] 147/-
Tiny Portion [12 Pcs] 87/-
Crispy Chicken pops with enhanced flavor and delicious dips


Veg Burger 76/-
Delicious burger with fresh vegetables

Veg Cheese Burger 92/-
Crispy burger with cheese toping

Kohiten Chicken Burger 96/-
Delicious Chicken burger with fries

Kohiten Chicken Cheese Burger 110/-
Delicious Chicken Burger with Cheese topping and fires

Quick Fillers

Cheese Shev Pav 65/-
Cheese Pav stuffed with crispy shev

Mayo Shev Pav 50/-
Mayo Pav stuffed with crispy shev

Maggie 35/-
Hot and yummy

Masala Maggie 50/-
Hot and yummy masala taste

Cheese Masala Maggie 70/-
Hot and yummy with cheese toppings

Anda Masala Maggie 57/-
Hot and yummy with egg

Anda Cheese Masala Maggie 85/-
Hot Maggie with egg and cheese


Veg Grill Sandwich 73/-

Kohiten Veggie Grill Sandwich 85/-

Veggie Cheese Grill Sandwich 97/-

Chocolate Sandwich 41/-

Corn Sandwich 50/-

Corn Cheese Toast 61/-

Cheese Garlic Toast 77/-

Chicken salami Sandwich 88/-

Cheese Chicken Salami Sandwich 103/-

Cold Beverages

Kohiten Caramel Frappe 124/-

Kohiten Coffee Mocha Frappe 94/-

Kohiten Cold Coffee 47/-

Cold Coffee with Icecream (Vanilla) 76/-

Cold Coffee with Icecream (Choice) 88/-

Choco Flakes Cold Coffee 77/-

Hot Beverages

Kohiten Hot Cocoa 53/-

Kohiten Hot Cappuccino 47/-

Kohiten Hot Mocha 47/-

Kohiten Hot Chocolate 53/-

Hot Coffee 47/-

Kohiten Black Coffee 47/-

Black Coffee with Lemon 53/-